How Do You Pronounce Kratom?

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The term “kratom” comes from the Thai language. Thai and most people in Southeast Asia pronounce it, “kruh-TOM”.

The first syllable in the common Thai pronunciation is pronounced “kruh”, rhyming with “duh" or "blah". The 2nd syllable is accented and pronounced with a rounded O, a cross between the sound of “tom” (as in tom cat) and “tome” (rhymes with “home”). 

People in some parts of Malaysia, where traditional kratom tea is also consumed, pronounce it "keh-tome".

There are two pronunciations of kratom used commonly in the United States. 

One is “KRAT-um”. The first syllable is accented, and rhymes with “cat”. The second syllable rhymes with the last syllable in “opposum”.

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The other, perhaps more popular pronunciation in the US is “KRAY-tum”. The first syllable rhymes with “ray” and is accented. The second syllable is the same word as the popular calcium pills taken for acid reflux. Kray-tum tum tum!

It’s simply a matter of dialect. In the English speaking world, we pronounce the “S” in “Paris”, but the French do not. The British band Deep Purple added a syllable to Japan's capital when they released their hit single, “My Woman from Tok-y-o” in 1973.

Now don't get us started on the pronunciation of kratom's main alkaloid: mitragynine. Some call it my-TRAJ-uh-neen, while others say, mitra-GUY-neen. We may have to consult a medicinal chemist to settle that one!


Created On Monday, September 18, 2023 Posted By Randall Thomas Comment Link
Thank you, Justin!
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Created On Wednesday, September 6, 2023 Posted By Evan Comment Link
i say kra-tum
Created On Thursday, August 24, 2023 Posted By Grant P. Comment Link
I'm going to try to start pronouncing it like "kruh-tom"
Created On Friday, August 4, 2023 Posted By Rebecca Comment Link
You have just settled a basically 2 day debate. THANK YOU
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Thank you so mcuh i hve heard so many different pronunciatons
Created On Tuesday, July 25, 2023 Posted By Heather Comment Link
Oh okay! That makes a lot more sense. I think I will pronounce it the way they do in Thailand and SE Asia. I feel like if there is a "correct" way to say it, that is it!
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thank you
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so helpful! thank you for this!
Created On Thursday, July 13, 2023 Posted By Travis Pool Comment Link
oh so there's not a "correct" way to pronounce it, it's all just based on dialect?
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