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Ground Leaf Kratom is the finest natural kratom incense available. We strive to have the best powdered kratom out there.


Bali Kratom

Bali kratom is commonly known as "premium commercial" quality kratom. It is the most well known kratom on the internet. Bali is world-famous for its inspiring energy, rich culture, and vibrant atmosphere. Travelers from around the world converge on the small indonesian island escaping mundane routines, in search of motivation, strength, peace, and a deep connection. Just as the island after which it is named, bali kratom evokes all those sensations - a perfect balance of vibrant energy and paradise-like relaxation

Bali kratom is therefore considered to be the most versatile and balanced of all strains. Ours is particularly finely powdered, almost the consistency of powdered sugar. In our opinion, it is the best grind of Bali offered by any vendor. We test the alkaloid levels of the kratom to ensure a consistent high quality. We never have a bad batch of Bali.

Maeng Da

Our Maeng Da Kratom has unmatched potency! Growing in the deep and exuberant forests of South East Asia and especially found in Thailand and Malaysia, the Maeng Da Kratom tree grows one of the tallest and strongest strains of kratom; known for reaching up to 15 meters in a constant battle for sunlight and water. It is no wonder that from such a strong tree comes the strongest raw leaf kratom there is. 

Maeng Da has historically been used for centuries by Thai and Malaisyan people living in rather arduous conditions that demanded a strong, focused, and clear state of mind, living their days to their full mental and physical potential. Maeng Da is wittily nicknamed “Pimp's Kratom” by some due to the intensity and strength to which it is associated.

Maeng Da is the most potent commercially grown variety of kratom. This is the original Maeng Da, not a knock off strain from a different source. Maeng Da is considered one of the strongest and efficiency-aimed strains of kratom.

Red Vein Kali

We've looked long and hard for a top quality product to replace Red Vein Thai, and here it is. This one is shown to be exceptionally high quality in laboratory testing. Red Vein Kali kratom comes from the Kalimantan island in Indonesia, more commonly known as Borneo. It is the third biggest island in the world and the second in the Indonesian archipelago. 

With a significantly low population density, Kalimantan is nearly completely covered in green and is a true virgin paradise that serves as one of the Earth’s lungs. It is in this natural setting where Red Vein Kali kratom finds its home and breathes unattached and disconnected from the planet’s hassle. This strain is therefore one of the calmest, with a relaxing aroma that has been historically praised by the lucky ones who were able to access its natural habitat and benefit from Kalimantan’s peaceful atmosphere. Like those before you, Red Vein Kali will help you connect with mother nature’s roots and serenity at its fullest.

Super Green Malaysian...

Super Green Malaysian is a unique, incredibly finely powdered variation of Malaysian Kratom. It is of exceptionally high quality and is well known for its potent, mood-lifting, energizing aroma.

Native of the northern jungles of Malaysia, it naturally grows in some of the world’s most dense tropical forests. The Super Green Malasian strain is said to be one of the most resistant kratom trees and it has been historically used by locals in the longest and most demanding jungle expeditions, thanks to its long-lasting properties - particularly in settings where being focused for a long time is crucial. This is beyond doubt a strong and enduring variety of kratom. 

Super Green Malaysian kratom is known by connoisseurs for its strong and enduring essence, without the soothing aroma that other strains may have.

Red Indo Kratom

Red Indo is a classic strain of wildcrafted Indonesian kratom, with an aroma typical of red leaf kratom trees and similar to Red Vein Kali kratom. It grows in countryside-like areas on several indonesian islands and is a similar yet milder version of the kratom grown in the Kalimantan region. 

Since it is not confined to the natural intensity and drastic tranquility of the eastern island of Borneo, Red Indo kratom lives in calm area. It is often found thriving in placid and easy-paced settings and has been present in the daily lives of locals in those areas; with a strong preference from those who like savoring life moment by moment and seeking to escape the rushed lifestyle of other regions. 

Our recommendation: Try it blended with our Green Indo kratom.

Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo is another classic strain of wildcrafted Indonesian kratom, grown in different areas of the Indonesian archipelago with an aroma typical of green leaf kratom trees. Just as other strains that don’t grow in extreme settings, this strain is commonly known as a milder but perfectly balanced version of Super Green Malaysian kratom. If you are looking for a classic and gentle green leaf kratom that represents the active yet composed bustle of the indonesian lifestyle, this is your strain. 

Our recommendation: Try it blended with our Red Indo kratom.

White Vein Indo Kratom

White vein indo has the full range of kratom alkaloids with a noted stimulating aroma. White Vein indo is different from other Indo strains in that while still found in the main islands, it grows in deeper areas covered in hostile jungle ecosystems. This requires the kratom tree to boost untamed with energy to find its way through the rest of the flora and survive.

We have received a lot of requests for a strain of white vein kratom, and are proud to stock this high quality, affordably priced, white vein Indonesian strain of kratom.

White Vein Thai Kratom

White Vein Thai finds its roots in Thailand and is a reflection of the area’s dynamic atmosphere. Located at the heart of South East Asia, Thailand has been touted by many as the clearest representation of a vibrant and energetic lifestyle. White Vein Thai can be found thriving wild in the forests and jungles, blooming with euphoria in the nourished and fertile lands of a fascinating exotic territory. 

The popularity of White vein kratom seems to come from the way it thrives in nature and its stimulating, uplifting characteristic. Thai-genetics provides a nice complement to our Indonesian white vein kratom and our other strains.

Green Vein Kali

Green Vein Kali is sourced from the same region as our popular Red Vein Kali. Grown on Kalimantan, the third largest island in the world, green vein kali thrives uninterrupted on an island almost completely covered by vegetation and with a very low population density; a true wild ecosystem in full bloom. 

Even though it cohabits the same areas as the Red Vein kratom tree, the Green Kali grows a bit more aggressive, ambitious for a great balance of tranquility and vitality. With the aromas typical of green strains, this particular Green Kali has a full spectrum of kratom properties, typical of kratom with high mitragynine content. Considered to be a more intense version of the Green Indo, this strain evokes complete and balanced kratom sensations.

White Vein Kali

Sourced from the same region as our popular Red Vein Kali, White Vein Kali comes from the Kalimantan island in Indonesia, more commonly known as Borneo. With a significantly low population density, Kalimantan is nearly completely covered in green and is a true virgin paradise that serves as one of the Earth’s lungs. 

It is in this natural setting where White Vein Kali kratom grows slow and free, away from the stress and pain in other parts of the world. This is the natural philosophy followed by the locals whose lives are tightly linked to this variety of kratom and everything it evokes: living their fullest lives while avoiding the discomfort and distress caused by the modern life. 

White vein strains are more newly available in the west than some other strains of kratom, with a stimulating, uplifting aroma. This is one of our favorite sources of White Vein Kratom yet.