Is Kratom Legal in Washington State?

09 Apr, 2024 Legality 0 Hit: 107

Kratom's legal status in Washington State has been a topic of debate and regulatory changes over the years. Here's an overview of the history of kratom laws in Washington:

2015: In 2015, there was a proposal to ban kratom in Washington, which was met with opposition from kratom advocates and users. However, the proposal did not materialize into law at that time.

2016: The issue of kratom's legality in Washington resurfaced in 2016 when the state legislature proposed adding kratom's active compounds to the controlled substances list. This move was part of a broader effort to address synthetic opioids and other substances of concern.

2017: In 2017, the Washington State Legislature introduced bills to ban kratom and its alkaloids. However, these bills did not progress to become law.

2019: In 2019, there were renewed efforts to regulate kratom in Washington. Lawmakers proposed bills to classify kratom and its active compounds as Schedule I controlled substances, citing concerns about potential risks and public safety.

2021-2022: Another ban bill was introduced in 2021. But a regulations bill, SB5941, was written and introduced by the same senator, Jim Honeyford, in order to replace the ban bill. SB5941 was entitled: "Establishing the Washington kratom consumer protection act." It would have prohibited the sale of adulterated and contaminated kratom and kratom with 7-HMG at above 2% of alkaloids, would have made the legal age to purchase kratom 21 and above, and would have designated “processor” and “retailer”, and required safe use instructions on the label. In Washington, 2nd and subsequent offenses would carry a hefty fine at $10,000.

Both bills died in committee.

There are no current bills regarding Kratom in Washington State. Kratom has received support on social media and through rallies during the last few years and there hasn’t been much legal action going on regarding attempts to ban it or regulate it.

Therefore kratom remains legal and unregulated in Washington, one of the first states to adopt a recreational cannabis program.


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