Indonesia to Regulate Cultivation and Export of Kratom

20 Jun, 2024 News 0 Hit: 86

Indonesia will regulate the cultivation and export of kratom in an effort to increase product quality.

On June 20th, Indonesia announced that it will start regulating the cultivation and export of kratom. This move is aimed at improving the quality of kratom products and ensuring they meet international standards.

The global interest in kratom is significant, with at least 20 markets showing interest in importing Indonesian kratom, the largest being the United States.

To address this growing demand while maintaining high standards, Indonesia's president, Joko Widodo, has tasked the national research agency, BRIN, with studying kratom consumption, particularly its dosage.

Moeldoko, the president's chief of staff, emphasized that the new regulations would help improve product quality and reduce contamination issues that have led to rejections of kratom exports in the past. Part of these regulations includes limiting the number of companies allowed to export kratom, ensuring that only those who meet stringent standards can participate in the market.

This is a significant step for Indonesia, balancing the preservation of traditional practices with the need to meet modern quality standards.


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