Georgia Kratom Bill May Pass Soon

22 Mar, 2024 Legality 0 Hit: 93

A Georgia bill placing restrictions on kratom sales is likely to pass soon, according to one of its sponsors, State Rep. Rick Townsend.

Georgia passed a Kratom Consumer Protection Act in 2020, regulating kratom to be marketed to adults only.

In 2023, Georgia proposed a ban bill, HB181. The ban bill was transformed into a bill that would add further restrictions on kratom sales, rather than ban kratom.

The Georgia Senate Committee on Health and Human Services proposed the substitute bill, which includes provisions to revise definitions, impose age restrictions, prohibit certain ingestion methods, and establish penalties for violations.

Key highlights of the proposed bill include:

  1. Definitions Update: The bill revises the definition of kratom, kratom extract, kratom product, processor, and retailer to clarify their scope within the regulatory framework.

  2. Age Restrictions: It prohibits the sale, transfer of possession, purchase, or possession of kratom, kratom products, or kratom extracts to individuals under 21 years of age, with penalties for violations.

  3. Ingestion Restrictions: The bill prohibits the ingestion of kratom through heating elements or vaporizing mechanisms, as well as the sale of such mechanisms for kratom use.

  4. Labeling Requirements: Kratom products must be labeled with clear ingredient information, age restrictions, kratom alkaloid content, manufacturer details, consumption directions, safety precautions, and FDA disclaimer about therapeutic claims.

  5. Penalties: Violations of the bill, including age restrictions, ingestion methods, sales limitations, and labeling requirements, carry misdemeanor penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment for repeat offenses.

The American Kratom Association opposes the bill. In an email to supporters, the AKA said, "Georgia's full legislature is considering a kratom law that adds severe criminalization penalties to store clerks and complicates products for consumers. It was drafted by anti-kratom trial attorneys and isn't meant to protect consumers."


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